GCC Membership

Membership benefits include discounted fees to events, classes and the fitness center. All members get free swag too!

GCC offers a variety of memberships for adults, families, youth and seniors. You have the option of purchasing an annual GCC Membership, or an annual access pass to the fitness center, or both. If purchasing both, then there is a 25% discount which is already accounted for in the price. Choose what is right for you, below:



(Updated: JANUARY 2021)


Your Annual Membership supports EVERYTHING at the GCC!

It helps pay the heat, keep the lights on, helps us offer cool classes, community programs, free events and more. PLEASE JOIN TODAY! Annual Members also receive a 25% discount on all paid event tickets, all swag purchases and fitness fees, plus a 10% discount on all facility rentals!

GCC Annual Memberships

Adult  (21 and older)                                                  $100

Senior (65 and older)                                                $75

Family (2 adults plus children to age 20)                $250

Youth (15 to 20)                                                         $50




GCC Annual Members get a 25% discount on memberships (see italicized prices)

Fitness Center Memberships


                                                                      Annual   Combo Membership & Fitness Center

Adult (21 and older)                                       $250                            ($287.50)

Senior (65 and older)                                    $188                             ($216.00)

Family (2 adults plus children up to 20)      $625                            ($736.75)

Youth (age 15 to 20)                                     $125                              ($143.75)

In the future, monthly and daily rates will be available for the fitness center.