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Calling All Carpenters

Calling all woodworkers and carpenters! Gustavus Community Center needs some volunteers to work at the Center on Sunday, March 21st, from 2pm-5pm.

We will be building simple boxes like the one below. Later, these will be filled with insulation and a fabric cover, and will be hung on the walls as the final part of the acoustic treatment for the main hall. Then we'll be ready to install the sound system!

With enough volunteers, we’ll have people running a cut list, others counter sinking holes, screwing the boxes together, and people sanding them.

Masks will be required. Please bring hearing and eye protection, and if you have them, any of these tools: cordless drill, impact driver, tape measure, orbital sander and 150 grit paper.

Questions? Contact Justin Smith or Sean Neilson

Thank you!


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