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Joining and Using the GCC Community Root Cellar

The  GCC community root cellar helps provide Gustavus with a more certain food supply. It’s a long-term solution for storing produce and canned goods that doesn’t require a freezer and uses very,very little electricity.


There is storage space in the root cellar for about 18 households.

A storage area “unit” includes space on 2 shelves, each approximately 2 feet square.

Members join for $20-$30 annually, depending on how much space they need.


Members share in the responsibilities for cleaning, maintenance, and temperature monitoring and agree to alert others if any potential problems arise.


For more information or to sign up, send an email to the root cellar Coordinator HERE or contact GCC at

How the Root Cellar Happened...

The Community Root Cellar at the GCC is open! Getting the root cellar ready for use was the result of a lot of behind the scenes work.  It started as an idea by Judy Brakel, a text by Kathy Streveler to get the container van shipped to Gustavus, and a commitment by Elm Robichaud to get it constructed. Tidelines Institute wrote grants to secure funding. David Cannamore, Hank Lentfer and Chris Smith stepped in with the interior construction and installation of the doors/entryway. Janene Driscoll, Judy Brakel,Sara Doyle, Jai Crapella, Jay and Eileen Beedle, and Community Center Board members have been active in the creation of an organizational structure.
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