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Day 1 -- Movin' Dirt

April 22, 2019 -- Earth Day! And Aurora Atkins' eighth birthday. While she was bringing in nasturtiums to celebrate, her neighbors down the road were tooling up. In a meadow full of rye grass and geese, tucked in between 4-corners and the Salmon River Elm, Ponch and Justin (and Jessie too after he finished his school work) started driving in stakes, pushing dirt around, and smoothing it out in preparation for the foundation of the Gustavus Community Center. The original footprint that had been set many weeks ago needed to be expanded to accommodate the west wing of the center which will include a meeting room, an office, and the exercise room. The beginnings of the center began a year or two before Aurora was even born. Now she and the rest of her community is watching it take shape.


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